Full-Service Litigation Support

Open Door Solutions is capable of performing document conversion projects of any size. Our staff has successfully performed hundreds of projects that involve multiple types of media and complex litigation support.

Image Capture - Turn paper to digitized images for storage and use on a computer system and for easy retrieval during discovery and trial.  
• Document Management
• Image Capture (Scanning)
• OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
• Coding / Database Building
• Logical Document Determination
• Electronic Bates Stamping
• Electronic Discovery (EDD)
• Image, Metadata and Text
• Metadata and Text Only
• Native File Review
• Blowback (Image Printing)
• Technical Consulting
• Data Analysis and Conversion
• Project Management
• Project Status Reporting
• Vendor and Contract Management

Concordance™ Reseller
Training & Support

OCR - Convert digital images to text and numbers for full-text searching of documents.
Coding - Design, create and build database information from a customized instruction manual created specifically for the firm or case.
Electronic Discovery - Convert electronic files to a format that can be used by attorneys and paralegals for research and production.
Computer Forensics - A branch of forensic science pertaining to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media.