Image Capture (scanning) is the process of converting paper to electronic images. We scan all sizes of paper to standard Group IV TIFF (tagged image file format), a highly compressed format that allows you to store a large number of images on a Compact Disk. This common format is recognized by 98% of the software utilized by corporations and law firms for automated litigation support. Our scanners are portable, allowing us to work at your office or your client's location.

We capture the existing Bates number on each page as the image filename to avoid the confusion caused by double numbering. If no Bates numbers exist, we electronically number the collection and assign temporary or permanent numbers depending on your strategy for the case. Litigation teams often use temporary numbers during review and then assign permanent numbers for various productions.

To enhance usability of your image database, we:
  • scan all images at 300 dpi (dots per inch),
  • capture the binding element boundaries to create unit or attachment ranges,
  • create single-page or multi-page image formats depending on the image viewer and/or database,
  • guarantee images link to your database when we scan and code the collection, and
  • are available to assist in correcting erroneous links and database information received from other sources.